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Clandestine Sleuth Agency Adventures

Genre – Fantastic Detective

Early 17. Century. A breathtaking story in the mysterious atmosphere of Constantinople, an old city stucked betweeen the teeth of Europe and Asia.
Incidents beyond understanding
Great Empire Osmanlı, been put to the target board by incessant mistic hazards
Archaic tunnels that overwhelmed undersoil like mole passageways
Clandestine Sleuth Agency: An office organized by Yaftali Ibrahim Pasha, to shoo away the odd
Mechanical inventions which may leave 21 century scientists open-mouthed.
Master Sugar and Sahab, two way-out hero, standing bravely in front of eerie enemies
Rattling adventures for all ages seven to seventy...

Clandestine Sleuth Agency, is a secret organism founded by Yaftali Ibrahim Pasha in early 17th century. As well as concerning with spying and intelligence, their main mission is to protect the Empire Osmanlı from wrath of mistical dangers and supernatural forces. It can be reached to the agency by falling clumsily into a dry blind well, pulling hardly a siphon in an old boozer’s toilet, by knocking three times to the stone block of a fountain monument. Ghostly disappearing spies behind the opened gates, find themselves within made of glass tubes and get carried to the enormous galleries of agency, passing from passageways and caves lightened with fireflies and candles. In it’s massive stone halls, not only the men of science work on quirky mechanical inventions nor the hodjas shape the destiny like a plaything with their zikr energy; there is also a grand unite of Janissary.
In the parade of interesting characters, the main protagonists of the adventures are Master Sugar Ahmet and Sahab who once had been brought to the family Şekercizade as a slave and after honored with freedom by Master Sugar. They have long standing ties, getting grown together.
Grand Vizier, Kosovali Ibrahim Pasha, follows for years his closest friend Şekercizade Mahmut’s son Ahmet and after realizing his passion to weapons, science and adventure, neverending appetite to wander and discover new things, he decides to sit down with, convince him to be a part of Clandestine Sleuth Agency, leading by this dark man, Acem Bin Mehmed.
One of another major characters is an incredibly powerful old man, Kadirgali Bekir, served for years as a long-range gun master in Osmanlı navy, a natural born swashbuckler, a braveheart with his heartily laughter. Also, big researcher antiquarian Tıkır Osman Efendi, Agency’s crazy man of science Hüdai Aziz, with his a little extra advanced brain, talkative and tattletale crow Black Selim are all important characters taking part in adventures.
Episodes goes in 17th century Osmanlı and amongst this period’s exotic, esoteric, strange, unreasoning elements, our heros embark fearlessly on incredible adventures in scary tariqats, abandoned old cities, ancient civilizations, dark vestibules, against wizards, mad dervishes, archaic creatures and unknown dark forces...
Master Sugar and Sahab are not the only detectives in Agency. Choleric dwarf detective Rushdizade Remzi, his half minded hefty assistant Ebuziyya and 007 face, good looking Hatuni Ekrem can be counted as important opponents...
Generally, Agency’s case solve system contains sending two detective groups poursuite of one problem and reward the winner, so it’s hard to avoid treachery, envy and competition up to killing.
Fear, humour and mystery intertwine in Clandestine Sleuth Agencey series... The nostalgique adventure taste of Sherlock Holmes and mystical sauce of historical-fantastic stories mixing with francophone bande dessinées' telling manner like Tenten...

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