24 Aralık 2011 Cumartesi

Anthology Of The Day

Genesis – The Musical Box
Pink Floyd – Echoes
Black Sabbath – Solititude
Cream – World Of Pain
Love – Bummer In The Summer
Traffic – Smiling Faces
Roxy Music – Virginia Plain
David Bowie – Cygnet Committee
Velvet Underground – Rock’n Roll
Man – Daughter Of The Fireplace
The Who – The Punk and The Godfather
Jethro-Tull – With You There To Help Me
The Doors – When The Music Is Over
Yes – Heart Of The Sunrise
Focus – Hocus Pocus
Strawbs – Battle
Audience – Paper Round
Eloy – Poseidon’s Creation
Journey – I’m gonna leave you
Baker Gurvitz Army – The Dreamer
Yes – Future Times
Cream – Born Under A Bad Sign

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