24 Haziran 2014 Salı

Live like...

Live like you'll die tomorrow, work like you don't need the money, and dance like nobody's watching.
Bob Fosse

2 Haziran 2014 Pazartesi

Fixed Pattern of Living

What is true today may not be true tomorrow, and what is right in one situation may be wrong in another. And situations are changing all the time, so what you need is not a fixed pattern of living but a way of seeing, so wherever you are, in whatsoever situation you find yourself, you know how to behave spontaneously, how to depend on your own being. OSHO

12 Mayıs 2014 Pazartesi

Nothing Leaves Nothing

Nothing leaves nothing. We are nothing.
In the sun and air we delay ourselves a bit
From the unbreathable darkness that will weigh us down
Imposed by the humble ground
Postponed cadavers that procreate.
Laws made, statues seen, odes finished -
Everything has its own grave. If we, flesh
To which an intimate sun gives blood, if we have
A sunset, why don't they?
We are stories telling stories, nothing.
- Pessoa

21 Nisan 2014 Pazartesi

Ghost Comrades - Future Revolution (Remastered)

Ghost Comrades olarak yaptığımız Future Revolution'da son romanım 2042'de karşınıza çıkacak Hayalet Yoldaşlık ve Kara Sendika'nın 2031 yılında tüm dünyada gerçekleştirdiği devrimin ilk gününe tanık olacaksınız.

Listening our song, you'll be witness to the birth of revolution which will happen at 2031. Heroes of this revolution, Ghost Comrades and Black Syndicate are also main characters of my last novel "2042 - Year Zero".


Murat Germen's work titled "Muta-morphosis #83, Izmir, Turkey" (2011) is shortlisted as a finalist for the The Sovereign Asian Art Prize 2013-14